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Flipped Classroom Session by Ramsey Musallam

Gamification - Alice Keeler @alicekeeler

QR Codes & Other Cell Phone Applications - Alice Keeler @alicekeeler

Raising Digital Citizens - Vicky Sedgwick @visionsbyvicky

Creating a Safe Space Online
  • It is important to establish a safe space online to ensure that online student conversations are respectful and supportive.
  • Resources:

Flip Your Classroom with Online Discussions by @CtuckerEnglish

Diane Maine's (@dowbiggin) Get Outside session:

Karen McMillan (@McTeach) & Tina @Livebinders - Where Are You (California Teachers)?:

Truth, What Is It? Session - @classroomtools

How "Gaming the System" & gamification are taking over education @patrix47

Live Binders in the Classroom @livebinders

Turn Your School into a Technology Center & Parent/Teacher Technology Groups - @EllyFaden